Commercial Junk Removal

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business with only one location, or a large corporation with several locations and warehouses; Orange Junk Removal Pro is invaluable for our services. You may not know this, but our services are the perfect way to clean out your offices before moving on to a new location – it’s green, fast, affordable, and trustworthy!

We are an eco-friendly company that offers commercial services to Orange County and nearby cities. We offer warehouse cleanouts for those who need to move on from their space or need to get rid of old equipment. Office cleanouts make sense when you’re no longer using the office space or there has been a transition in management at your company. And finally, we offer construction debris removal to help ease up the construction process by removing the unwanted junk.

Warehouse Cleanouts

Moving to a new location? Hate having your warehouse cluttered with old stock and items that are no longer selling? Keep things clean, neat, organized & tidy by getting help from our professional team at Orange Junk Removal Pro! We can come to either your current location for an on-site cleanup job or haul away whatever we find left behind after closing down one business or another.

Our professional team will finish the job in no time and sweep away the mess so you won’t need to worry about it.

Office Cleanouts

With an office clearance, we can help you get rid of old furniture or your entire workspace. Maybe it’s time for a change? Whether that means clearing out to make room for new furniture or relocating (or downsizing!), our team is here to haul away the items from your space and handle all the disposal responsibly!

Office Cleanouts are a headache, but not for us. We make it smooth and easy by hauling away all the office junk, furniture, and equipment that are no longer needed. We haul everything – including desks, chairs, computers, cubicles, cabinets- out of your building so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them yourself! Not only will we remove items from your offices with care; rest assured they won’t go to waste either. Items are donated or recycled if possible which is always better than throwing them into a landfill when there’s still some life left in them!

Construction Debris Removal

We work with local contractors to clear away construction debris. We serve major construction sites, commercial buildings, and home renovations. Whether you need help on a large or small scale project we can handle it!

We do our best in recycling materials so that natural resources are conserved as much as possible – like concrete, wood, metal, cardboard, and asphalt among others. Landfills capacities are decreasing which is why this process of ours becomes more important than ever before.

We’ve been serving Orange County for nearly a decade and we have provided our expertise to what seems like every type of business. Our customers love coming back because they know their junk will be handled quickly and conveniently by us – not having to do it themselves! They also get peace of mind knowing that everything is disposed of or recycled properly without them worrying about any environmental repercussions

We provide the best services possible to keep your business or property well taken care of and looking great. Call us today at 714-410-5858!

Commercial Junk Removal in Orange County